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Branding and Packaging

About Kalon

‘Kalon’ is a tribute to the ideal form of beauty. Straying away from the original idea of what is considered to be ‘classically beautiful’, they are lending a holistic perspective to the concept of ‘ideal beauty’ by embracing wholesomeness. Anyone and everyone who wears Kalon will always know that they are beautiful because of their deviations from the norm and not in spite of their uniqueness. 

The Story

Kalon was born out of a need for inclusive, feel-good luxury – one that allows women to feel good in their skins and wear what allows their individuality to shine through. For the longest time, women have found it difficult to escape stereotypes and unrealistic standards of beauty set by both society and their own misconceptions. Luxury can empower and ours has been a journey of spreading love and confidence through innovative creations that help women express their uniqueness through the magic they carry in their bodies. 

They create to liberate beauty in all its forms – delicate, strong, bold, innocent, rebellious, fun, shy, mischievous, misunderstood, feminine, androgynous for they are all IDEAL.

With an inspiring thought behind the essence of the brand name, Kalon is empowering in many different ways. The minimalistic stroked symbol created for this brand is truly and interpretation of what they intend to make women feel in their line of clothing. Powerful. Graceful. Fearless.

A monogram is not only imprinted on products and accessories but it has to also make a style statement while being worn, one that will catch the eye, yet speak for itself. Therefore, we maintained the alphabet ‘K’ of the brand name to make the customers relate to it instantly.

Business Stationery

With a classic colour palette of rose gold which exemplifies luxury and black which is the go-to colour for the expression of fashion, we played around with different print techniques, like foil gilding the business card edges, foil stamping the logo and using beautiful textured paper, to make the brand stationery complete the circle of luxury that Kalon encapsulates the wearer in.

Packaging Design

In accordance with the stationery we also used very simple and classic looking packaging which escalated the look and feel of the brand. We got cloth bags customized for accessories, butter paper to wrap outfits and place in customised black box with foil stamped logo, along with paper shopping bags.

Unguided Guide
Risograph Printing