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Branding, UI UX Design

About the Brand

At HobbMob, the founders called the ‘HobbAddicts’, areon a mission to fulfill your hobby missions. The hobbyaspirations you have had since you were kids and left incomplete. They won’t stop till they get to all your ‘Hobbucket Lists’!

The core is built by the people and when you join, you too are part of the ‘The Happy Hobby Circle’ of creativity, collaboration and community building.

The logo depicts an informal identity and is inspired by an elephant’s traits of fast learners and dedicatedworkers. The speech bubble signifies a message beingpassed to the audience by the elephant.

The colour palette is derived from the branding of the start-up of being fun-loving and to learn something new and exciting. These fresh, bright colours help compliment their marketing collaterals and other communication materials.

Different Logo Variations

Chosen Visual Identity

Character Design- Oby, HobbMob’s Mascot

Animated Logo

Business Cards

Website Design

Responsive Design

We created videos based on different hobbies the audience engage with, which were then used for digital marketting and website design as well.

Editorial Design, Risograph Printing